13 January, 2015

What Do We Do?

Beyond Standard Administration

Organizational tasks for your work and for your personal life can be frustrating and time consuming, especially if you're new in town and have no network available. Outsource your obligations to your VA so you can focus on what is important. Here are some examples what your personal VA can help you with:

Answering or dealing with emails on your behalf (Gmail platform)
Organizing your calendar and scheduling meetings (Google Drive)
Helping to customize your work applications
Planning your workdays and/or weekends based on your commitments
Taking care of ordering online services and products (food, presents, books)
Making and rescheduling doctor, vets or hairdresser appointments
Finding suitable solutions for your family members (nurses, kids activities, rehabs)
Rescheduling your hobby activities or providing suitable alternatives
Setting up and operating projects for your home (selling furniture, recycling clothes)
Help with planning big life events (weddings, anniversaries, birthdays)
Assistance with reading and understanding various Swedish documents
Assistance with visa applications

Research and Comparison

With multiple services and products on the market, constantly pushing their benefits through various media channels it can be challenging to find that exact product or a service, which fits your needs. Being "lost in translation" can have negative impact on your decisions when for example looking for a new home, office to lease or simply for a new internet provider.  Your VA can compare various options and propose suitable alternatives as well as schedule viewings to minimize friction in your life. Here are some examples of what you can outsource:

Internet research on places, services, subjects
Researching products i.e. facts & figures
Competitive research on companies similar to yours
Compare services provided by various industries
Researching job opportunities
Find contact information for a person or company
Business research on various industries
Answer questions on your social channels

Booking & Travel

Nothing feels better than being fully ready and organized before a trip. Our assistants are experts at handling everything from travel research, to bookings, to getting you a table at that amazing restaurant when you arrive. Enabling you to foucs on enjoying your trip and not worry. Want to find the best hotel for your upcoming Vegas trip?... One that also welcomes dogs? Is there a lot of multi-stop business travel in your future? Take a look at what your VA can do for you:

Book and research flights according to your needs
Create itineraries
Reserve a car for your arrival
Parking reservation while you are on a trip
Compare accommodation options and find great deals
Find a place for dinner or a meeting
Give recommendation on restaurants, hotels, services based on their reviews
Reseach nearby activities and events
Supply travel visa requirements
Organize transportation to and from your destinations
Securing a place for your pets while you are away